Ozone Therapy

Used For many incurable diseases like Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue, Cancer, Hepatitis, Macular degeneration and many Neuro degenerative diseases.


Ozone (O3) is the super active molecule of oxygen which is present in nature. When ozone is introduced into the body Ozone (O3) molecule break down into O2 & O+ /-. The singlet atom of oxygen with a charge which is unstable reacts metabolically and produces changes in the mitochondria which multiples and leads to increase in cell vitality. Increased cell vitality leads to increased organ functions & Increased organ functioning leads to restoration of health. Most of the degenerative diseases are due to improper oxygen utilization. Ozone therapy helps in oxygen utilization and reserves the degenerative changes, increase regeneration and restore health.

Ozone is introduced into the body in various routes:

  • Ozone into joints and muscles using syringe as injection.
  • Ozone into rectum and colon as rectal insuflation.
  • Ozone into ear using stethoscope like instrument where the gas passes through oil.
  • Ozone is introduced into the sauna cubicles.
  • On the skin/ body parts /scalp using bagging technique.
  • Ozone used for oxygenating to blood after drawing some blood out of the blood vessel and reintroduceded into the body using a technique called as Extra Corporal Blood Ozonation(MAH.
  • Ozonating blood also can be combined with ultra violet irradiation of the blood before reinjecting into the veins using UVI machine which is called as Photonic Therapy.