EECP is a computer controlled squeezing of the legs and lower abdomen in synchrony with the heart beat which increases the blood flow into the organs and the entire body forcefully during the diastolic-relaxing period of the heart.

It is an FDA approved, safe method of treatment for circulation related disease and disorder conditions. It is done under supervision of qualified therapists and has an established safety profile. During the treatment process where the patient is made to lie down on a bed and his/her lower limbs up to the abdomen is wrapped up with an inflatable cuff, the machine in synchrony with the heart beat pumps in and releases air into the cuffs leading on to squeezing of the lower part of the body which pushes the blood into the heart and coronary vessels and all the vessels of the internal organs including the brain. This circulatory therapy increases the oxygen flow due to improved circulation and enhances the vitality of the cells leading on to restoration of diseased or damaged tissues/ internal organs.

EECP treatment, heart treatment without surgery in Chennai :

EECP is a noninvasive procedure in which a set of inflatable cuffs mechanically compress the blood vessels in the patient's lower limbs to increase blood flow in the coronary arteries of the heart.EECP is  a one of best treatment suggested during chest pain.EECP is a heart treatment without surgery and Koncept hospitals provide a best EECP treatment in Chennai