About Us

About Koncept

Koncept Hospitals is initiated & conceptualized by Dr. Sankar. T.S.R. Mohanaselvan and Dr. Sathya Mohanaselvan, both are medical doctors,with 3 decades of experience in medical practice behind them.

Our Vision(who we are)

To create awareness in people and make them responsible for taking care of their health and prevent diseases and disorders rather than to wait for the problem to happen and attend to the crisis.

Our Mission (what we think)

The main aim is to treat challenging so called incurable and therapy resistant diseases, Autoimmune disorders, Disease like Hepatitis B&C, AIDS and Cancer, Psychosomatic and Mental disorders, all types of Pain, Life style diseases and many more.

Koncept Profile

Koncept hospitals, a new initiative in the health care system addressing the maladies of modern day life through an innovative combination of modern technology with lowest dependence on pharmaceuticals, and utilization of nature and ancient wisdom. It is positioned between the drug and technology dependent western approach and total natural approach of eastern philosophy.

The methodology used for treating the above said diseases and disorders are through Ozone & Prolozone therapy, Sujok, Acupuncture, Quantum biofeedback,
Frequency and Vibration therapy, Detox program, Colon hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Taichi, Smile meditation and many more.

Why Koncept

Our aim is to provide the best possible cure with least possible adverse effect with most ethical consciousness and affordability. The stress is laid on preventive health care realized through early detection of diseases with Lab investigation, Imaging studies, Biofeedback analysis and diet counseling etc.

  To find a solution, with out of the box ideas and to break the barrier of mainstream ideas, this new venture is initiated by an experienced medical Doctor, Dr.Sankar T.S.R.Mohanaselvan M.B.,B.S., with extensive experience in complimentary medical systems since last 30 Years.

The initiative is mainly to cater to people who have tried and fed up with mainstream and conventional therapeutic approaches and for those who want to go with more natural therapeutic modalities.

The main aim of Koncept Hospitals is to provide affordable, alternative health care using scientific and time tested modalities.