Quantum Biofeedback

New age futuristic Quantum based analysis cum treatment using SCIO-EDUCTOR, the latest Hi-Tech Bio-feedback machine to Diagnosis and treat Physical, Mental, Emotional and also corrections of Chakras and Auras.

Quantum principle based futuristic concept analysis where both diagnosis and correction treatment done as Biofeedback. Latest state of the art machine Scio- Eductor, which is FDA approved (USA) for stress reduction is used. The machine does a very high speed analysis of about 3,00,000 measurement in 3 minutes inside the most fundamental building block of our body and help us to understand, in which part of the spectrum of health you lie. If the readings are in the unhealthy spectrum, it analyses and tells us to what extend you have gone unhealthy, what is to be done to switch you back from unhealthy mode to healthy mode.

It analyses in the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Nutritional, Hormonal and Spiritual dimension including AURA & CHAKRA correction. The Specialty of this system is that it will be able to find out the causes of most important modern day problem “Stress” and can suggest remedies and do treatment for stress reduction.

It can do Mind Relaxation, Hormone stabilization, Weight reduction, Emotional balancing, Reverse Ageing, Face Lift, Nutritional deficiency identification, Detoxification, Zapping of the Bacteria, Virus & Fungi, Neurological repair, correct digestive disturbances, restore organ function, and many more.

Excellent treatment available for Autism & Dyslexia, can tune brain function, increase intelligence & memory and Enhanced Leaning ability. Corrects disturbances in Brain Wave Pattern, meridian energy flow correction, Chakra energy correction etc. Uses one of the biggest medical software and is built on the research and is most peer reviewed.