Prolozone Therapy

A novel, Non-Surgical Procedure to restore damaged joints. Injecting ozone and nutrients in to the joint space to restore damaged tissues. Prevents knee replacement. NO STEROIDS.

An excellent method of treatment using a combination of Nutrients (liquid) and Ozone (gas) and injected into the damaged and degenerated joints to reverse degenerative changes and bring the functionality back to normal.

In the present day scenario where life span of people have considerable increased, the joints especially knee gets worm out and leads to osteoarthritis (OA). This creates severe pain in the knee leading to difficulty in walking, squatting, sitting on the floor, climbing up & down the stairs, interfering with normal day to day activities. Apart from aging, stress, hormonal imbalance and exercise, work load leads the knees and hip joints to worn out easily.

Prolozone helps to regain normalcy in joints, relieve pain, increases functioning of the joints and gives great relief to do all day to day activities. Prolozone can be done in the damaged Knee, Shoulder, Hip, Heel, Ankle, Cervical Spine, Lumbar Spine, Sacro-Iliac joints. Prolozone can also be used in Scars, Subcutaneous areas around the pain site, “Prolozone can prevent knee replacement surgery”.