Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is Twist Therapy?
    It is a Simple Method to Stay Healthy. It act as a preventive solution for the human to stay healthy. Twist therapy is a method of safe and easy body twist motions and postures that provides treatment effectiveness for disease as well as prophylaxis (preventative methods) of well being.
  2. How Twist Therapy works?
    Twist therapy methods are activating the human spiral energy system, the meridians of the spiral neutron energy network.
  3. What can be treated in Twist Therapy?
    Twist therapy is capable of treating acute pain as well as the chronic diseases. Even emotional disorders such as stress, anxiety, sadness or fear can be alleviated by twisting motions of the neck and chest.
    • Head and Neck.
    • Chest and Lower Body
    • Legs and Arms and
    • Different parts of the body
  4. Why Twist Motions in Twist therapy are required?
    It keeps body in Comfort position and it will immediately alleviate the pain and discomfort The most comfortable twisting motions are the most effective. Uncomfortable positions of the body can lead to disease.
  5. Is that Twist Therapy difficult to do?
    NO, The simplest twisting positions are enough to activate the spiral energy network and bring the human body into a healthy state.
  6. Who can take Twist therapy?
    Twist therapy can do by any age group and any time. Its simple form of twist motions (exercise) aligning the body to keep remain in the healthy state.
  7. Twist therapy can be done only in Hospital/Clinic?
    NO, you can do it anywhere. Its a simple way of keep your body active and stay healty. No specific room or time required to do this. You can do it by in your daily day-today life.
  8. How long will take to perform the twisting methods?
    Hardly 2 to 3mins.
  9. Where i can learn/know twist therapy?
    International Sujok Association(ISA) conducting several programs on “Twist Therapy” across the globe. In 2018 “Twist Therapy” seminars happening in India between September 22 to October 9,2018 at Chennai, Kolkatta & Nagpur
  10. Twist Therapy hospital/treatment in Chennai?
    Koncpet Hospitals in chennai treating the “Twist Therapy” methods for people well being.
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