For all type of diseases including Mental, Emotional, and Physical disturbances, All difficult to treat problenns, Chronic diseases, Pains and Psychosomatic problems can be treated.

A Simple and excellent “ Remote Control” system based on similarity principle, originated by oriental Guru Prof. Park. Jae Woo, of Korea.

Here the treatment is done only in the Hands and Feet which are nothing but reflection and miniature of our whole body. Treatment is done using disposable micro needles, micro magnets, seeds, acupressure and laser stimulation etc.

Sujok give excellent results in all spectrum of disease in the Physical level, Emotional level and Mental level. Sujok also consists of Twist therapy, Taiji (samWon Dong) and also influences Spiritual dimension with Smile meditation.

Sujok is a complete science which has answers to literally every single disease affecting human beings. Quantum level treatment is also provide using Antineutrinos with “ M” particle Therapy.